Information for Authors        Presentation Guideline

Presentation Guideline

  Oral Presentation Sessions
  • Please try to arrive at the meeting room of your presentation session 10 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Please upload your PPT file onto the computer for presentation and make sure that your file runs appropriately.
  • Please introduce yourself to your session chair so that the session chair will know who is presenting the paper.
  • Each oral presentation session is allocated 1 hour and 30 minutes for six paper presentations.
    Please make sure that you finish your presentation in 15 minutes and leave 2~3 minutes for questions.
  • Time management is VERY critical because audience may switch between sessions for presentations that they are interested in.

  Poster Sessions
  • Each poster presentation will be allocated a poster board, which could accommodate at least 8 A4- or letter-sized pages.
  • The poster session is allocated for one and half hours.
  • Please try to arrive at the meeting area of your poster session 15 minutes before the start of the session
  • Please post your posters on the poster board designated to you.
  • During your poster session, please be around the poster board designated to.

The committee of ICONI 2023 allow the video presentation who can’t visit Vietnam. Please send your 10 minutes long video presentation file by the e-mail ( )

  Video Presentation Guidelines / DEADLINE VIDEO FILE : 10, December 20233
Followings are detailed information of your video presentation (mp4)

  • Use of a PowerPoint presentation
  • Time for presentation: Not more than ten minutes.
  • File size: Not more than 100MB
  • File format: *.mp4 (recommended H.264 codec)
  • Recommended resolution: 1280*720 or 720p
  • Recommended file name: Session number_Specifier name (affiliated)
    Ex) S1-1_Gogil-dong (Korea University)
  • Notes: Only presentation materials shall be recorded on the screen, and the appearance of the presenter shall not be shown.