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Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech 1
The innovative technology creates a better life: Case studies in Vietnam

Mr. Vo Ngoc Han
Chairman & CEO – VKTIC (Vietnam-Korean Trade Investment Consultancy)
Vice chairman – VINK (Vietnam Innovation Network in Korea)
Vice chairman – TDX YBA
(Technology Digital Exchange – Young Business Associates)
Artificial intelligence (AI) and modern technology are making life more convenient and helping businesses thrive as a new revolution that creates more opportunities for people. Despite commencing from a position behind long-established companies, fledgling startups can attain remarkable advantages and contribute significantly to society and citizens. Most current business strategies are built by leveraging advanced data analysis methodologies and intelligent algorithms. At the same time, it also provides warnings, analysis, and measurements to minimize risks that may occur in the future. Besides, business ethics are currently being discussed in many ways around creating policies that establish strict regulations in using artificial intelligence. This presentation discusses these concerns and some case studies in the Vietnamese market.

Mr. Vo Ngoc Han specializes in the business area and has expertise in running and operating businesses in Vietnam.

VenturePartner-VICPartners (Vietnam Investment Club)
International Business in California State University of Northridge
Sociology in Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

1996-2007: Studied & worked in USA: Boeing, Kreves Yujin
Former GM – Kreves Yujin
Former Marketing Director – Khang Dien Real Estates Developer
Former Marketing Manager – Blue Scope Steel
Former CGO Callio (Smart Call-center, attended to SharkTank Vietnam season 5, 12th Episode).
Former COO Boxme (Logistics – Fulfilments for e-commerce)
Former COO Top CV (Human resource technology)
FormerBODAdvisor–NguyenKim (Electronic department stores chain acquired by Central Group Thailand)

Keynote Speech 2
Quantum Computing and its Impact on AI in The Near Future

Assoc. Prof. Pham The Bao
Dean and Professor in Department of Computer Science, Information Science Faculty, Sai Gon University, Vietnam.
This presentation explores the growing intersection between Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), two of the most dynamic and promising fields in modern technology. Quantum computing, using the principles of quantum mechanics, offers unprecedented computing capabilities that surpass the limits of classical computing. This presentation briefly examines how the features of quantum computing have the potential to revolutionize AI. The focus is on how quantum computing can solve current challenges in AI, such as computational limitations, processing complex data sets, and optimizing machine learning algorithms.
Furthermore, the presentation covers the current challenges and limitations in integrating quantum computing with AI. As well as showing potential in the near future, it could open up new frontiers in data processing, problem solving and predictive analytics.

Assoc. Prof. Pham The Bao is in the academic field, currently working at Saigon University, and possesses a strong academic background.

1995 : B.S., 2000: MSc., 2009: Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Science, Vietnam.
1995 ~ 2018: Lecturer and Professor in Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Science,Vietnam.
2007 ~ 2016 : Vice Dean Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Science and head of Computer Science Department, University of Science, Vietnam.
2019 ~ now: Dean and Professor in Department of Computer Science, Information Science Faculty, Sai Gon University, Vietnam.

His research interests are Image processing & pattern recognition, intelligent computing and his lab is Image Processing – Intelligent Computing Lab (IC – IP Lab). He is PI of many projects and member of other projects in Vietnam and oversea. He also published many books and textbooks on information technology. He is member of many international conferences and chair of International Conference on Machine Learning and Soft Computing. He is also invited talk of many international conferences.

Keynote Speech 3
IoT Technologies and Advanced Analytics as the Enablers for Digital transformation in Oil and Gas Industry.

Dr. Ton Long Phuoc
Faculty of Information Technology, Industrial University of HoChiMinh, Vietnam
IoT plays a pivotal role across various industries, including manufacturing and services. The ongoing trend of digital transformation is witnessing rapid growth and widespread application in diverse fields, fostering the continual development of IoT technologies. Among the sectors embracing this digital evolution is the oil and gas industry, where numerous technological advancements, including IoT and AI, are being applied to streamline operations. This presentation will delve into the challenges encountered when implementing these cutting-edge technologies in the oil and gas exploration sector. Simultaneously, it will propose strategic directions for leveraging IoT devices to facilitate intelligent solutions. Additionally, the presentation will explore the integration of data analysis with AI to enhance decision-making processes within enterprise production activities.

Dr. Ton Long Phuoc received the B.Sc. degree from the University of Science, VNU-HCM, Vietnam, in 2001, and the M.Sc. degree from the University of Information Technology, VNU-HCM, Vietnam, in 2006. He also received the Ph.D. degree in computer science with the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, VNU-HCM, Vietnam in 2022.

9/2001 ~ now: Senior Lecture in Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology, IUH, Vietnam.

His research is theoretically focused on the engineering of a domain-specific language and a toolkit for IoWT programming, AI and Software Engineering.